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The following publications are available by following the hyperlinks below, in our office, or via e-mail.  Please let us know if you have any problem opening or downloading these publications.
Many bulletins are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore
Publications marked with an asterisk (*) are available only through the Oakland County office of MSU Extension.
We are working on converting and uploading bulletins to our web pages. Hopefully the next time you visit these publications will be available.


*An Idle Woodlot Can Cost You Money (OC0321)
*Can I Deduct Forest Management Costs on My Income Taxes? (OC0077)
Common Weed Seedlings of the North Central States (NCR0607)
Controlling Broadleaf Weeds & Grasses for Plantation Site Preparation (E2754)
*Cutting & Selling Timber From Your Farm Woodlot (OC0062)
Emerald Ash Borer & Your Woodland (E2943)
Forest Resource Management Terminology (NCR0478)
Forest Terminology & Ecological Systems (E2635)
*Forestry Consultants (OC0326)
*Getting the Most from Your Farm Woodlot (OC0434)
*Grow Your Own Firewood in Ten Years or Less (OC0324)
Herbicides for Year-of-Planting Weed Control in Hardwood & Conifer Plantations (E2752)
*How Much Are My Hardwoods Worth? (OC0067)
How Much Lumber in That Tree? (E2915)
*Increasing Hardwood Planting Success Using Tree Shelters (OC0074)
*Marketing Timber: How to Avoid Expensive Mistakes (OC0322)
Michigan Forest Communities - A Field Guide and Reference (E3000)
Northern Hardwood Forest Management (E2769)
Planting Oaks for Timber & Other Uses (NCR0605)
Recommended Species for Christmas Tree Plantings (NCR0479)
Shearing Recommendations for Christmas Tree Producers (NCR0310)
Site Preparation and & Tree Planting for Forest Production (E2753)
*So You Need Some Cash From Your Farm Woodlot? (O0061)
*Tax Breaks for Timber Owners (OC0323)
*Tax Treatment of Timber Acquisition & Reforestation Costs (OC0054)
*Timber Buyers in Southeast Michigan (OC0677)
*Timber Sale Bids (OC0058)
*Timber Sale Contracts (E1656)
*Timber Stand Improvement (OC0319)
To Sell or Not to Sell: Important Considerations When Harvesting Hardwoods for Income (E2832)
Undertstanding Forestry Concepts: Continuous Change in the Forest (E2641)
Understanding Forestry Concepts: Measuring Site Quality (E2639)
Understanding Forestry Concepts: Site Conditions & Forest Cover (E2636)
Understanding Forestry Concepts: Soils & Site Productivity (E2637)
Water Quality Best Management Practices on Forest Lands (E2770)
*Wildlife Considerations of Red Pine Management (OC0066)
Why Manage Your Woodlot (E1492)
*You've Been Asked to Sell Your Timber: What Do You Do Next? (OC0436)


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