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The publications that are linked below are also available in our office or via e-mail.  Many bulletins are also available at the MSU Extension Bookstore

An Idle Woodlot Can Cost You Money (OC0321)
Common Weed Seedlings of the North Central States (NCR0607)
Emerald Ash Borer & Your Woodland (E2943)
Forest Resource Management Terminology (NCR0478)
Forest Terminology & Ecological Systems (E2635)
Forestry Consultants (OC0326)
Grow Your Own Firewood in Ten Years or Less (OC0324)
Herbicides for Year-of-Planting Weed Control in Hardwood & Conifer Plantations (E2752)
How Much Lumber in That Tree? (E2915)
Marketing Timber: How to Avoid Expensive Mistakes (OC0322)
Michigan Forest Communities - A Field Guide and Reference (E3000)
Northern Hardwood Forest Management (E2769)
Planting Oaks for Timber & Other Uses (NCR0605)
Recommended Species for Christmas Tree Plantings (NCR0479)
Shearing Recommendations for Christmas Tree Producers (NCR0310)
Site Preparation and & Tree Planting for Forest Production (E2753)
Tax Breaks for Timber Owners (OC0323)
Tax Treatment of Timber Acquisition & Reforestation Costs (OC0054)
Timber Buyers in Southeast Michigan (OC0677)
Timber Stand Improvement (OC0319)
To Sell or Not to Sell: Important Considerations When Harvesting Hardwoods for Income (E2832)
Undertstanding Forestry Concepts: Continuous Change in the Forest (E2641)
Understanding Forestry Concepts: Measuring Site Quality (E2639)
Understanding Forestry Concepts: Site Conditions & Forest Cover (E2636)
Understanding Forestry Concepts: Soils & Site Productivity (E2637)
Water Quality Best Management Practices on Forest Lands (E2770)
Why Manage Your Woodlot (E1492)


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