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Frequently Asked Questions: Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Please contact MSU Extension-Oakland to answer any of your questions or call 248-858-0897.

Who qualifies for the nutrition education programs?

Any person or family that qualifies for the bridge card, WIC, Medicare or Medicaid who would like to feed themselves or their family better for optimal health. 

How much does it cost to enroll in the nutrition education programs?

This is a federally funded program that is offered free of charge to those low-income families interested in investing time to participate in a series of lessons.

Where do I have to go to take these classes?

Food and nutrition instructors will come into your community to teach nutrition lessons in a small group setting or are available to do one-time presentations on a specific nutrition lesson. 

How do I sign up?

Call 248-858-0897 and share your name and address or email Saneya Moore

Can you get more food stamps for me?

No, the State of Michigan Department of Human Services determines how much you receive in food stamps.
The State of Michigan Department of Human Service's website contains useful information about assistance programs (food, cash, medical, emergency, child support, child care) or you can call the Food Stamp Hotline at 1-800-481-4989.

How can a school qualify for the youth program?

Schools that have a 50% or greater rate of free or reduced meals for students qualify.