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Extension programs and materials are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status or veteran status.

Welcome to MSU Extension-Oakland County

Welcome to MSU Extension - Oakland

MSU Extension is a statewide network that serves all Michigan counties.  Extension is charged with understanding the issues and opportunities of each county and its unique communities.  We work in partnership with other local organizations and agencies to plan and implement research-based educational programming that addresses the issues and challenges and takes advantage of the opportunities.  Please explore our web site and let us know your suggestions and how we can assist you!


News for Oakland County Residents

Keep Halloween safe, not scary
Trick-or-treating? Going to, or hosting a Halloween party? Read these quick safety tips before you make your scare!

Oakland County Health Division kicks off flu season
Oakland County Health Division will once again offer the flu vaccine that guards against four flu viruses this season beginning September 30th.  Read more

Ebola - Should you be concerned?
Ebola is a virus that mainly occurs in Africa. There the virus is present in animals which aren’t affected, but people can contract the virus from these animals and then spread it to other human beings.

October Landscape Tip
“10-4 Good Buddy”   Besides being recognizable trucker slang, 10-4 is also a great way to remember the best time of year to treat lawn weeds.  Late September-early October is the ideal time to apply weed control because the weeds are storing carbohydrates in their root system and are more susceptible to herbicide applications.  

Spotlight On ...

Spotlight On ...

The October 27-28 conference, being held in Roscommon, is intended  for volunteer monitoring program leaders, citizen volunteers, water resource professionals, and others interested in the health and protection of Michigan's rivers, lakes and streams.  Featured this year are presentations from volunteers around the state, regional experts, MDEQ,  MDNR and MiCorps staff covering both lake and stream topics of interest.  Agenda.
Registration deadline is October 20. Event questions, registration and/or scholarships  (CSP or LSLI grads only) can be directed to Dr. Jo Latimore at 517-432-1491.