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Following is a list of staff housed at the Oakland County MSU Extension offices.  For a list of MSU Extension staff that serve Oakland County residents, but may be housed in other locations, click here.

Name​ & E-mail Telephone Program Area
Natural Resources
Blumka, Mary 248-858-0890​ ​4-H Youth Development
Bowen, Kathryn ​248-858-1993 Administration​
Brooks, Kristina ​248-975-4295 Nutrition, Health and Wellness​
Cowan, Mark​ ​4-H Youth Development
Danto, Robin 248-858-0904​ Nutrition, Health and  Wellness​
Del Real, Maria​ 248-858-0912​ Nutrition, Health and Wellness​
Freed, Judy 248-858-0895​ Administration​
Hampton, Nancy 248-858-0275​ Nutrition, Health and Wellness​
Kelley, Lisa 248-858-1524​ 4-H Youth Development​
Lakin, Scott​ 248-858-1509​ 4-H Youth Development​
Lenchek, Carol​ 248-858-0900​ Yard and Garden​
(Miller) Stockert, Margi​ 248-858-0889​ 4-H Youth Development​
Molnar, Charlene​ 248-858-0902​ Yard and Garden​
Moore, Saneya​ 248-452-9726​ Nutrition, Health and Wellness​
Morgan, Debra​ 248-858-0894​ ​4-H Youth Development
Morris​, Cathy 248-858-0887 Yard and Garden​/Natural Resources
Morris, Kelly​ ​248-858-0882 ​Administration / 4-H Youth Development
Potts​, Cindy 248-858-0897​ Nutrition, Health and Wellness​
Puckett, Rachel​ ​248-858-0841 ​4-H Youth Development
Roberts, Wanda​ 248-858-1008​ Money Management
Scott, Ed​ 248-858-0905​ 4-H Youth Development​
Scott, Jason​ 248-858-0892​ 4-H Youth Development​
Shull, Lynne ​248-858-1639 ​Yard and Garden
Stinson, Barbara​ 248-858-1830​ 4-H Youth Development​
Stobart​-Mitch, Nancy 248-858-0885​ Administration​
Studebaker​, Debra 248-975-9610​ Nutrition, Health and Wellness​
Wooten, Richard ​734-721-6576 Administration