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Youth Development Classes & Activities

Youths enjoying 4-H Green Science Adventure Camp

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June 23 - August 21, 2014:  2014 Summer Programs
Every year Oakland County 4-H Youth Development offers special introductory educational programs to bring a sense of adventure and fun to help enrich summer youth activities.  These affordable, hands-on programs provide a taste of the many activities available through 4-H and are excellent stand-alone supplements for libraries, summer day camps and other youth gatherings.  These programs are not appropriate for preschoolers.  To schedule a program, or if you have questions, contact Margi (Miller) Stockert at 248-858-0889.  Available programs are:
  • Barn Bulletins - Get up close and personal with the producers of some of our most necessary resources.  Meet some of our favorite barnyard friends and learn what their purposes really are and why they are so necessary to our life, economy and world.  Children will learn about anatomy, lifecycles and purposes of farm animals through hands-on interactive experiences that coincide with the common core state standards for their ages and stages.  Available on Mondays or Tuesdays.
  • Critter Chronicles - Michigan has one of the more biologically diverse eco-systems in the northern United States but here in Oakland County it may be difficult to recognize the many different species of plants and animals that surround us.  In this program youth will meet some of our most common native animals to see what makes them so special and vital to our Michigan eco-system.  Available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  • Fizzy Boom - In this exciting and action-packed science series youth will learn staple concepts from chemistry and physics that relate directly to the common core state standards set for their developmental stages.  With hands-on experiments and get-on-your-feet action, they are sure to be engaged by the booming activites and fizzy reactions that keep them excited about science and wondering what they can accomplish with everyday objects.  Available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  • Spark a Reaction! - How is a circuit completed?  What is the energy use of these different light bulbs?  How do I make my own light source?  Youth and teens will become their own electrical engineers while they figure out what kinds of circuits are best for different light sources and how much energy is really needed to power those bulbs that light our way in the dark.  Youth will also discover how and why to make energy-efficient choices for all of their electrical needs.  Available on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

June 25-August 27, 2014:  Summer Shooting Sports Program
This summer Oakland County 4-H will be partnering together with Sky's The Limit, a community foundation designed to reach under-served Pontiac youth. Their focus is a summer archery 4-H spin club. There has been an unfortunate decline of shooting sport clubs in Oakland County and we are looking to bring them back!  Archery is a great way for youth to gain self-confidence and master a skill in the art of shooting sports. Shooting begins every Wednesday, starting June 25
th until August 27th. Space is limited!  We will be at the Silver Lake Church of the Nazarene, 520 W. Walton Blvd, Pontiac, MI 48340. To sign up contact Chris Riley at 248-818-1144 or for more information contact Rachel Koppin at 248-858-1018.

July 28 - September 19, 2014:  4-H Week Window Display Contest
For current 4-H members:  Promote 4-H by participating in the National 4-H Week Window Display Contest!  Create an informative exhibit in the window of a local community business, restaurant or school.  Show people what 4-H is all about.  Displays must include:  4-H clover graphic, MSU Extension graphic, 4-H club name, club project area(s), and the location of your club's meetings.
The registration deadline is September 19, 2014.  Exhibits must be on display by October 3rd and remain in place until the end of the week (October 10th).  Judging will take place on October 7 and 8, 2014.  To register, please view the flyer on the title hyperlink above.
Contact:  Margi Stockert, Jason Scott or Deb Morgan if you have questions.

Ongoing Classes & Activities
For further information about youth development classes and activities, please contact MSU Extension-Oakland County, 248-858-0889.


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