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Map - Office of Management & Budget

Below please find two maps to help you locate the Oakland County Department of Management & Budget Administration and Purchasing Office located in the Executive Office Building. The map on the left presents a wider regional view of our location, while the map on the right provides a more local, detailed view.

Please click on the individual map if you wish to see a magnified view. Please be patient as these maps download to your computer.

Oakland County Department of Management & Budget
Building 41 West
2100 Pontiac Lake Road
Waterford, Michigan  48328-0403

Phone: 248-858-0480

Regional view of Oakland County Complex Local view of Oakland County Complex

Traveling to the County Complex from the south:
  • Travel north on Telegraph past the Summit Place Mall (on the left).
  • You should quickly see in the distance the tall buildings of the Oakland County Complex, with a prominent 1200 visible from Telegraph Road.  This is the Oakland County Courthouse.
  • County signs will direct you to veer to the right, prior to reaching the traffic light, in order to enter the County Complex.
  • After merging onto County Center Drive, signs will direct you to the Executive Office Building.
Traveling to the County Complex from the north:
  • There is a traffic light on Telegraph Road, where County Center Drive intersects.  To get to the Executive Office Building you will want to proceed to the east.
  • However, in order to go east (or left), you must turn right past the stoplight, and circle back around to the light.
  • Proceed through that stoplight onto County Center Drive.
  • Follow the signs which direct you to the Executive Office Building.