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​Director: Laurie Van Pelt, CPFO
The Department of Management and Budget (DMB) was established under the authority of Public Act 139 of 1973, the Unified Form of County Government Act, and Public Act 621 of 1978, the Uniform Local Budgeting Act.
The Director of the DMB is designated as the Fiscal Officer of the County and is responsible for ensuring that the County operates within a balanced budget and that all financial transactions and financial reporting are completed in accordance with the accounting and reporting standards set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

The Department of Management and Budget (DMB):

  • Supervises the preparation and execution of the County's Triennial Budget and maintains expenditure control
  • Performs all central accounting functions, including payroll and accounts payable/receivable
  • Promotes fiscal responsibility across departments
  • Coordinates with the Internal Audit Division to oversee internal accounting controls and separation of duties
  • Collects monies owed the County not within the jurisdiction of other County departments
  • Performs the central purchasing function
  • Contracts to provide assessing services to local municipalities and prepares the annual property tax reports, including the Equalization Report and the Local Tax Report
  • Performs the equalization function
  • Participates in major County initiatives as fiscal advisor
  • Performs long range financial planning
  • Presents the County's financial status to Wall Street, department heads, and the Board of Commissioners