NetVolunteersNetVolunteers is a community outreach program designed to promote the distribution of accurate information about Oakland County in social media, as well as to assist in the growth of social networking as a viable community-building tool. 

The program enlists the help of community members on a volunteer basis who conduct various online activities including researching, writing/sharing their opinions, taking/uploading photos or video, moderating online discussions, managing blogs, and helping to facilitate online community-building around specific topics.  Through this program, NetVolunteers helps the community by building a bridge between government and the people it serves, while creating a network of information and support beyond government to help each another.

The Oakland County Department of Parks & Recreation used NetVolunteers over the summer to help communicate and raise awareness about programs, services, facilities, and other information related to County Parks and the website. Volunteers attend an orientation session at the County and are trained by staff in policies, standards and content principles related to digital communication at the County. 

As the program expands, we hope more County departments will enlist NetVolunteers to help build community-oriented online tools, whereby citizens interact with one another to provide peer-to-peer support and information to work alongside traditional government resources.


  • Increase public awareness of and civic participation in Oakland County social media
  • Encourage peer-to-peer communication in order to reduce reliance on government to provide services/information
  • Ensure timely and accurate information is available about Oakland County in social media
  • Effectively monitor online media for misinformation and potential violations of intellectual property
  • Enhance transparency and community participation in government programs, services and/or processes 
  • Increase internal awareness of community viewpoints and provide an outlet for soliciting feedback
  • Increase the use of social media for conducting business without adding burden to staff time and resources 

How to Get a NetVolunteer for your Department

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