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CLEMIS and Public Safety Division/Information Technology

The CLEMIS and Public Safety Division of the Department of Information Technology (IT) is comprised of the following Operational Units:

  • CLEMIS (Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System)
  • Radio Communications

CLEMIS provides state-of-the-art computer technology and related services to criminal justice and public safety agencies (police, fire and emergency medical services). CLEMIS provides solutions through a cooperative effort that are affordable and efficient for agencies of all sizes. By serving as a technical link among multiple agencies, CLEMIS promotes communication and sharing of criminal justice information.

CLEMIS facilitates the maintenance of fire and emergency medical records as well. CLEMIS standards and policies, as established and monitored by the Advisory Committee, ensure the integrity of information entered into the CLEMIS system.

CLEMIS empowers criminal justice and public safety agencies to maximize the use of collected data for their daily operations and comprehensive planning.

Visit the CLEMIS homepage for more information.