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​These days, it seems like some workplaces demand you to devote your entire life to their interests. Here at Oakland County, we feel that if you're happy and have a balanced life, you'll stay with us longer and perform at a higher level. This means greater satisfaction for everyone.
  • Our tuition reimbursement program assists employees seeking to improve their educational qualifications in subjects and fields directly related to the County's operations, activities and objectives.
  • Many employees are reimbursed for participation in a variety of professional organizations and/or attendance at professional conferences/seminars related to their occupation.
  • The County's Information Technology Department provides basic to advanced job-related computer software training to employees.
  • The County's Human Resources Department provides in-house management and supervisory training to all supervisors/managers across departments, including programs ranging from conflict management to grammar skills.
  • Employees are exposed to work that is award winning and cutting edge as evidenced by the numerous awards continuously received. Also, new employees have a unique opportunity to work with proven leaders in their respective fields.
  • An Employee Suggestion Program allows for employees to describe an improvement in the workplace, and have an opportunity to win an award for doing so. Rewards range from $50 to $4,000, or vacations.
  • An Employee Service Award Program recognizes employees who have been with the organization for 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. years with plaques and gifts for their service.