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Employment Culture at Oakland County

Employees feel proud to work for Oakland County, Michigan, for the following reasons:
  • Oakland County is the biggest and best: Wall Street gives the County a coveted AAA bond rating, the highest rating possible and an honor enjoyed by only 10 of America's other 3,043 counties. Said one Wall Street official about Oakland County: "From my perspective, they (Oakland County) are not just better than most counties, they are better than all."
  • Charitable work: Many County-sponsored activities focus on helping local charities or support groups in the community. Employees volunteer in a variety of ways to help those who are less fortunate or are in crisis situations.
  • Close ties with each other: There is a sense of camaraderie between employees that can be attributable to the very low level of turnover within the workplace and the very real neighborhood that has developed within the organization.
  • Cutting-edge projects and technology: The vast majority of employees are exposed to cutting-edge projects within their areas of specialty and are provided the most sophisticated, up-to-date technology to help with their work.
  • Beautiful campus: The County campus is continually being renovated, updated and improved. Impeccably landscaped grounds and ergonomically friendly workspaces surround employees.
  • Commitment to diversity: Oakland County's Human Resources team works hard to reach out to minority groups within the community, and to provide organization-wide diversity training to all of its employees.
  • Health education and screening programs: All employees and their families can participate in free health education seminars, screening and vaccinations.
  • Activities and events for employees: Include an annual Employee Art Show, holiday parties, March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon, and retiree meetings to name a few!