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Take a moment to reflect on how many important meetings are canceled or postponed, how many days of work you lose or how many deadlines are missed because you've had to choose between staying at home to care for child due to inadequate child care arrangements or going to work.

Oakland County's on-site child care center, Little Oaks, meets the needs of County employees by providing a safe, friendly and home-like atmosphere where their children are happy, secure and surrounded by a high-quality learning environment.

The center provides child care services to employees who are currently eligible for benefits at rates that are at or lower than those charged by other area vendors accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The center is located at the Health Care Annex at the center of the County's park-like campus. This site was selected because of its central location in relation to the highest population of County employees and its "homelike" appearance.

Oakland County is committed to your family and their needs and is continuously working to make smart choices to meet your needs.