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Oakland County finds the most qualified person for each available job through a competitive examination process. Because we try to make the system impartial to all applicants, our hiring process is highly structured. Once you have identified a potential position, you may apply online or you may visit the Oakland County Human Resources Department and use one of our Personal Computer stations to search for jobs and apply online. It is important to read each announcement carefully before you apply because the requirements vary from job to job.
When filling out your application materials, please be as complete as possible. Before submitting your application, make sure all required information is provided. An incomplete application will be rejected.
expand What are the steps I need to follow to apply for a job with Oakland County?
expand What is the hiring process?
expand What is the Oakland County Merit System?
expand What is an examination and why do I have to take one?
expand What type of test might I expect?
expand How are tests scheduled?
expand I passed, now what happens?
expand I did not score high enough to be considered, now what can I do?
expand Can my rank ever change?
expand How long will I remain on the eligible list?
expand What benefits are available to me as an Oakland County employee?
expand I have been offered employment, what's next?
expand Whom should I contact for specific questions not listed here?