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Job Families

Alphabetical list of classifications with the job family: Technicians


ADR Coordinator
Alarm Installer
Alarm Technician
Animal Control Supervisor
Arson Investigator
Autopsy Attendant
Autopsy Attendant Supervisor
Collection Specialist
Collection Supervisor
Communications Installer
Community and Home Improvement Specialist
Construction Inspector I
Construction Inspector II
Construction Inspector III
Construction Inspector IV
Contingent Licensed Practical Nurse
Court Reporter I
Court Reporter II
Customer Services Technician I
Customer Services Technician II
Customer Services Technician III
Customer Services Technician Trainee
Data Processing Equipment Operator I
Data Processing Equipment Operator II
Data Processing Equipment Operator III
Dental Clinic Assistant I
Dental Clinic Assistant II
Dietetic Technician
District Court Recorder I
District Court Recorder II
Domestic Support Specialist
Domestic Support Specialist Supervisor
Electrical Technician
Engineering Aide
Engineering Systems Coordinator
Engineering Technician
Forensic Artist
Forensic Laboratory Specialist I
Forensic Laboratory Specialist II
GIS Enterprise Data Technician I
GIS Enterprise Data Technician II
GIS/CAD Technician I
GIS/CAD Technician II
Graphic Artist
Hearing Program Specialist
Hearing/Vision Technician Supervisor
Histology Technician
Laboratory Technician I
Laboratory Technician II
Licensed Practical Nurse
Medical Billing Specialist
Micrographic Equipment Operator I
Micrographic Equipment Operator II
Micrographic Equipment Operator III
Paralegal Criminal Prosecution
Pharmacy Technician
Photo Map Technician
Planning Technician
Printing Equipment Operator I
Printing Equipment Operator II
Printing Equipment Operator III
Probate Court Reporter I
Probate Court Reporter II
Property Management Specialist
Radio Communications Technician
Radiologic Technologist
Radiology Supervisor
Right of Way Agent
Right of Way Technician
Senior Court Reporter
Senior Radio Communication Technician
Senior Tax Description Technician
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator I
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator II
Sewage Treatment Supervisor I
Sewage Treatment Supervisor II
Substitute District Court Recorder
Supervisor-Drain Electrical Systems
Supervisor-Inspection Services
Supervisor-Radio Communications
Supervisor-Right of Way
Support Specialist
Survey Party Supervisor
Technical Operations Supervisor
Veterinarian Technician Assistant
Veterinarian Technician
Victim Advocate
Victim Rights Leader
Warrants Specialist


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