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Job Families

Alphabetical list of classifications within the job family: Professionals


Accountant I
Accountant II
Accountant III
Accountant IV
Administrative Assistant-CHPIS
Administrative Assistant-Environmental Health Services
Application Analyst/Programmer I
Application Analyst/Programmer II
Application Analyst/Programmer III
Architectural Engineer I
Architectural Engineer II
Architectural Engineer III
Assistant Chief Engineer
Assistant Corporation Counsel I
Assistant Corporation Counsel II
Assistant Corporation Counsel III
Assistant Park Supervisor
Assistant Payroll Supervisor
Assistant Prosecutor I
Assistant Prosecutor II
Assistant Prosecutor III
Assistant Prosecutor IV
Associate Planner
Attorney I
Attorney II
Auditor I
Auditor II
Automation Alley Coordinator
Board of Commissioners Community Liaison
Budget Systems Coordinator
Business Analyst
Business Development Representative
Buyer I
Buyer II
Case Management Coordinator
Casework Supervisor
Chemist-Forensic Lab
Chief Database Administrator
Chief Design and Development
Chief Engineer-Drain
Chief Environmental Health Special Programs
Chief Forensic Toxicologist
Chief Pharmacist
Chief Substance Abuse Services
Children's Village Case Coordinator I
Children's Village Case Coordinator II
Civil Engineer I
Civil Engineer II
Civil Engineer III
Clinical Health Specialist
Clinical Psychologist I
Clinical Psychologist II
Clinical Psychologist Intern
Commissary Supervisor
Community & Home Improvement Field Technician
Community & Home Improvement Planner
Community & Home Improvement Technician
Community Corrections Specialist I
Community Corrections Specialist II
Community Corrections Specialist III
Community Service Coordinator
Community Service Officer
Consult Psych/PHD
Contingent Staff Nurse
Contract Coordinator
Coordinator Nursing Services
Corporation Counsel Litigator
Corporation Counsel Trainee
Correctional Health Nurse
County Executive Assistant
Court Business Analyst
Court Clinic Services Coordinator
Court Clinical Psychologist
Court Operations Analyst
Court Resource & Program Specialist
Data Base Administrator
Data Security Specialist
Dental Hygienist
Deputy District Court Administrator
Deputy Forensic Pathologist
DHS Liaison
District Court Probation Supervisor
Drain Community Liaison
Drainage District Legal Counsel
Emergency Response & Preparedness Specialist
Environmental Planner I
Environmental Planner II
Environmental Program Coordinator
Equalization Appraiser I-Certified
Equalization Appraiser II-Certified
Equalization Appraiser III-Certified
Equalization Appraiser Trainee
Equalization Field Supervisor
Equalization Technology Support Supervisor
Extension Home Economist/Food Preservation
Facilities Engineer I
Facilities Engineer II
Facilities Engineer III
Facilities Engineer Supervisor
Facilities Management Specialist
Family Service Counselor
Financial Analyst I
Financial Analyst II
Financial Analyst III
Financial Attorney Corporation Counsel
Financial Reports Coordinator
Financial Systems Coordinator
Forensic Pathology Fellow
Forensic Toxicologist
Friend of Court Family Counselor
Friend of Court Referee
Friend of Court Referee Supervisor
Friend of Court Systems of Supervisor
General Staff Nurse
GIS Data Services Supervisor
Health Program Coordinator
Human Resources Analyst I
Human Resources Analyst II
Human Resources Analyst III
HRIS Analyst (Human Resources Information System)
Human Resources Projects Supervisor
Inmate Caseworker
Inmate Caseworker Supervisor
Inmate Substance Abuse Technician
Insurance and Safety Coordinator
Internal Services Supervisor
ISO and Safety Systems Coordinator
Judicial Staff Attorney
Juvenile Court Referee
Juvenile Court Referee Supervisor
Labor Relations Specialist
Laboratory Supervisor
Law Library Supervisor
Library Supervisor
Loan and Finance Officer
Loan Coordinator
Maintenance Planner I
Maintenance Planner II
Market Research Analyst
Marketing Coordinator
Master Appraiser
Medical Examiner Investigator Supervisor
Medical Technologist
Net Auditor
Network System Specialist
Network Systems Analyst I
Network Systems Analyst II
Nursing Supervisor
Park Supervisor
Parks Naturalist
Payroll Coordinator
Plat Engineer
Principal Attorney
Principal Planner
Probation Investigator
Probation Officer I
Probation Officer II
Probation Officer III
Program Evaluation Analyst
Program Manager
Program Supervisor-Children's Village
Project Manager
Prosecutor Trainee
Public Communications Assistant
Public Communications Officer-Parks & Recreation
Public Health Clinical Dentist
Public Health Educator I
Public Health Educator II
Public Health Educator III
Public Health Educator Supervisor
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Public Health Nurse I
Public Health Nurse II
Public Health Nurse III
Public Health Nursing Supervisor
Public Health Nutrition Supervisor
Public Health Nutritionist I
Public Health Nutritionist II
Public Health Nutritionist III
Public Health Sanitarian
Public Health Sanitarian Supervisor
Purchasing Systems Coordinator
Recreation Specialist
Recreation Supervisor
Reimbursement Supervisor II
Risk Management Claims Analyst
Safety Coordinator
Senior Assistant Corporation Counsel
Senior Auditor
Senior Board of Commissioners Analyst
Senior Business Development Representative
Senior Buyer
Senior Community & Home Improvement Field Technician
Senior Community & Home Improvement Technician
Senior Data Base Administrator
Senior Financial Analyst
Senior Human Resource Analyst
Senior Planner
Senior Probation Officer
Senior Psychologist
Senior Public Health Sanitarian
Senior Systems Analyst
Sheriff Communications Quality Assurance Supervisor
Sheriff Community Liaison
Sheriff State and Federal Coordinator
Small Business Counselor
Social Worker I
Social Worker II
Special Projects Engineer
Staff Assistant-Drain
Staff Assistant-Workforce Development
Staff Attorney
Staff Psychiatrist
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator
Substance Abuse Program Analyst
Supervisor-Business Development
Supervisor-Child Support Accounts
Supervisor-Community & Home Improvement
Supervisor-Community & Home Improvement Admin Services
Supervisor-Community Corrections
Supervisor-Court Business Operations
Supervisor-Employee Records
Supervisor-Facilities Planning
Supervisor-Financial Services
Supervisor-Forensics Lab
Supervisor-Friend of Court Family Counselors
Supervisor-Information Services
Supervisor-Marketing and Communications
Supervisor-MCF Administrative Services
Supervisor-P&R Technical Support
Supervisor-Planning and Evaluation
Supervisor-Production Services
Supervisor-Settlement and Distribution
Supervisor-Sheriff Admin Services
Supervisor-Training and Development
Supervisor I-Fiscal Services
Supervisor I-Information Technology
Supervisor II-Fiscal Services
Supervisor II-Information Technology
Supervisor III-Fiscal Services
Systems Software Specialist
Tax Standards Specialist
Telecommunications Network Supervisor
Telephone Communications Technician
Trails Network Coordinator
Treasurer Cash Accounting Supervisor
Treasurer Special Accounting Supervisor
User Support Specialist I
User Support Specialist II
User Support Specialist III
Utility Billing Customer Service Supervisor II
Veterans Benefits Counselor I
Veterans Benefits Counselor II
Veterans Benefits Counselor III
Veterans Benefits Counselor Supervisor
Victim Services Supervisor
Workers Compensation Specialist
Workforce Development Technician I
Workforce Development Technician II
Workforce Development Technician III
Youth & Family Casework Supervisor
Youth & Family CaseworkerI
Youth & Family Caseworker II
Youth Assistance Casework Supervisor
Youth Assistance Caseworker I
Youth Assistance Caseworker II

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