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Job Families

Alphabetical listing of classifications within the job family: Para-Professionals


Activities Coordinator-MCF
Administrative Assistant To Elected Officials
Animal Census Leader
Appraiser Aide
Auxiliary Health Worker
Chemist Assistant
Chief Sheriff Communications
Classification Agent
Court Clerk
Cross Connection and Pretreatment Supervisor
Data Processing Equipment Operator Trainee
Day Room Assistant Leader
Day Room Assistant
Extension Program Coordinator
Four-H Program Coordinator
Golf Shop Coordinator
Health Support Specialist
Jail Library Technician
Laboratory Helper
Lake Level Technician
Law Clerk
Law Library Technical Support Specialist
Law Library Technician
Library Technical Support Specialist
Library Technician I
Library Technician II
Loan Closer
Morgue Attendant
Nursing Assistant
Parks and Recreation Attendant
Personal Property Tax Collector Supervisor
Portfolio Coordinator
Public Health Sanitarian Technician
Public Health Technician
Reimbursement Supervisor I
Safety Dispatcher
Seasonal Horticulture Advisor
Seasonal Laborer
Seasonal Program Leader
Seasonal Program Specialist I
Seasonal Program Specialist II
Seasonal Program Specialist III
Sheriff Communication Agent
Sheriff Communication Shift Leader
Student Engineer
Student Epidemiologist
Student Sanitarian
Summer Animal Census Worker
Summer Business Assistant
Summer Clerical
Summer Criminal Justice/Casework Assistant
Summer Health Education/Lab Assistant
Summer Medical Care Facility Aide
Summer Shift Laborer
Technical Aide
Technical Assistant
Training Assistant
Youth Specialist I
Youth Specialist II
Youth Specialist Supervisor

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