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Job Families

Alphabetical listing of classifications within the job family: Office and Clerical


Account Clerk I
Account Clerk II
Administrative Assistant-Drain
Administrative Assistant-Prosecuting Attorney
Airport Administration Supervisor
Airport Rental Agent
Central Employee Records Coordinator
Certified Electronics Operator
Chief Court Clerk
Child Support Account Specialist
Children's Village Intake Clerk
Circuit Court Records Clerk
Clerk II/Delivery Person
Client Transporter
Collection Clerk I
Collection Clerk II
Committee Coordinator
Community & Home Improvement Field Technician
Community & Home Improvement Coordinator
Community Corrections Support Specialist
County Clerk Records Clerk
County Clerk Records Specialist
Court Accounts Coordinator
Court Appointment Specialist
Delinquent Tax Supervisor
Deputy Probate Register I
Deputy Probate Register II
Deputy Register I
Deputy Register II
Disbursing Coordinator
District Court Clerk I
District Court Clerk II
District Court Clerk III
Drain Operations Clerk
Drain Time and Labor Supervisor
Elections Specialist
Employee Benefits Specialist
Employee Records Specialist
Equalization Clerk
FM&O Purchasing Clerk
FOC Systems Clerk
Friend of Court Case Assistant
Friend of Court Case Assistant Supervisor
Garage Account Clerk
General Clerical
Inmate Booking Clerk
IT Operations Clerk
Judicial Secretary
Junior Accountant
Jury Office Clerk
Jury Office Leader
Legal Secretary
Mail Services Leader
Mail Services Supervisor
Market Master
Materials Management Clerk
Office Assistant I
Office Assistant II
Office Leader
Office Supervisor I
Office Supervisor II
Personal Protection Order Specialist
Procurement Technician
Production Control Analyst I
Production Control Analyst II
Production Control Analyst III
Production Control Analyst IV
Project Support Specialist
Property Control Clerk
Property Room Technician
Real Estate Recording Clerk
Record Retention Specialist
Reimbursement Accounts Specialist
Retirement Specialist
Revenue Collection Specialist
Secretary Board of Commissioners I
Secretary Board of Commissioners II
Secretary I
Secretary II
Secretary III
Senior Committee Coordinator
Senior Equalization Clerk
Senior Property Room Technician
Sheriff Legal Information Clerk
Small Business Assistant
Special Teams Support Coordinator
Storekeeper Helper
Storekeeper I
Storekeeper II
Storekeeper III
Supervisor-Administrative Services
Supervisor-Community Corrections Administrative Services
Supervisor-County Clerk Legal Records
Supervisor-CV Administrative Services
Supervisor-District Court Admin
Supervisor-Equalization Administrative Services
Supervisor-Facilities & Operations Administrative Services
Supervisor-Health Central Support Services
Supervisor-Jury Office
Supervisor-Materials Management and Printing
Supervisor-Prosecuting Attorney Administrative Services
Supervisor-Register of Deeds
Utility Billing Customer Service Assistant I
Utility Billing Customer Service Assistant II
Utility Billing Customer Service Coordinator
Utility Billing Customer Service Supervisor I
Utility Billing Customer Service Supervisor II
Warrant Clerk


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