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Weather Radio Awareness Day is February 4
Why you need a weather radio?
Weather radios are for more than “just” tornadoes and severe storms. You can program your weather radio to warn you about anything from Flood Warnings to Wind Chill Advisories to Winter Storm Warnings. A weather radio could be your only warning if a tornado strikes in the middle of the night when you’re sleeping. Don't want to be awaken by a warning for another county? No problem...these special radios can be programmed to only warn you for YOUR county.  The radio broadcasts National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day. These life-saving devices alert you immediately with severe weather or emergency information, when minutes or even seconds count, day or night. This early warning can be the difference between life and death.
Family Preparedness is a time for every family to plan and rehearse what they should do during the first 72 hours of any severe weather-related event or disaster.  It’s also important to pay attention to your local forecast and be sure you have a way to receive weather alerts, even if you are asleep. 

Content Editor

Warming Centers in Oakland CountyWarming Center
Please click on picture for locations.

ICE - In Case of Emergency

Oakland County Homeland Security Division supports the "ICE" - In Case of Emergency Campaign.
Put "ICE" on your cell phone.  It could save your life.



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