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CPR Equipment Loan-Out/Rental Program

    1. Can be made between 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday only.
    2. Equipment can only be reserved for a maximum of seven (7) days.
    1. Provide a copy of their current Instructor Certification and MI Drivers' License.
    2. Class must be for Oakland County residents ONLY.
    3. Picking up/returning equipment between the hours of 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday. Please call to verify that staff is available before pick-up/returning. Borrowers will be charged a late fee for any equipment returned late ($10.00 per day).
    4. Transportation of equipment. (NOTE: some of the equipment is heavy.)
    5. Checking equipment/DVD’s to verify that all parts are there and in their proper case. Upon return, all equipment will be checked. If something is missing and/or damaged, the borrower is responsible and will be charged replacement value.
    6. Report and show any item that is not working and/or damaged to personnel.
    7. Properly cleaning the mannequins before returning, this includes the torso. Cleaning instructions available upon request. Mannequins should be returned as they were taken – no lungs.
    8. SUPPLYING THEIR OWN DISPOSABLE PARTS (i.e., airways, lungs etc.) As a convenience we sell most of these items at cost, please see supply price list below if you are interested in purchasing supplies from us.
    9. Reporting the number of persons trained using the equipment and the type/level of persons being trained (i.e., 20 nurses, 30 girl scouts, etc.).
    10. Payment is due when equipment is returned. Exact amount of Cash or Check only. Make check payable to: Oakland County.
    1. A non-refundable daily (24 hour) rental fee will be required on the following items to any agency or individual that charges a sum of money as a prerequisite to participate in their program.

      Equipment Item Daily Charge Equipment Item Daily Charge
      Adult Intubation $10.00 Baby Anne $1.00
      Infant Intubation $5.00 Little Junior $1.00
      AED Trainer $2.00 Little Anne $1.00
      Baby Anne Lung $0.50 each Little Junior Lung $2.00 each
      Little Anne Lung $2.00 each
    3. In as much as Oakland County Homeland Security Division is a government agency, it should be stressed that this policy is of a strictly nonprofit nature. The money collected will be used to cover the costs of routine maintenance and replacement of the training equipment and supplies.

Any questions regarding the Equipment Loan-Out/Rental Policy may be directed to Oakland County Homeland Security Division at 248-858-5300.