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Professional assistance is available for individuals who are experiencing substance abuse issues. Signs of substance abuse issues include:

   Feeling like you should cut down on your drinking or other drug use
  ● Feeling bad or guilty about your drinking or other drug use
   Taking a drink or using drugs when you first get up
  ● A friend or family member has told you things you said or did while you were drinking or
     using drugs that you could not remember
  Injecting drugs
   Pregnant while still drinking or using drugs


Who is Eligible?

   All Oakland County residents
   Medicaid benefit from Oakland County 
   ● No insurance, meeting income guidelines 
   ● All age groups


What Can you Expect?

As part of your services through Oakland County Substance Abuse (or PACE), you can expect to:

1. Make an appointment by calling PACE at 248-858-5200 or toll free at 
    1-888-0900 ext. 85200
2. Meet with a Care Manager to select type of services needed 
3. Follow through with the treatment that was recommended by your Care Manager

If at any time you feel you needs are not being met, you may talk to your service provider or contact Sherrie Kilpatrick at (248) 858-5057.

Please bring the following items with you to your PACE appointment:

    Identification and/or proof of Oakland County residency
    Proof of Income (pay check stub, tax return, or anything else that can verify your
      income level)


Cost of Services

Fees are based upon your ability to pay or your health insurance coverage.  No one is denied services because of inability to pay.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is treatment?

Length of treatment is determined by the level of care and treatment needs of the individual.

Where will I go?

Care Managers determine the place the client will attend after assessing the individuals’ needs.

Do I have to pay a co-pay?

Typically a co-pay is required but it is based on individual’s income.   

What items will I need in treatment?

CLICK HERE for list.

Will I need identification?

Yes, when making the appointment and when entering treatment. 

What is the usual success rate?

Success depends on the motivation of the client and their engagement in the full treatment process. 

Is it important to be on time to my appointment?

Yes, if a client is more than 15 minutes late to an appointment than the appointment may be rescheduled. 

Does PACE provide treatment?

We do not provide treatment services at PACE, but you will be referred to a contracted treatment facility. Referrals are based on a conversation with the Care Manager to determine what program and level of care will best meet your needs.  

What is the typical time from screening to treatment?

It depends on bed availability and additional coordination care that will need to take place before entering treatment. 

Will I be able to smoke in treatment?

Yes, most facilities allow smoking.