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Environmental Health Services Water Programs

Since the turn of the century, water-borne diseases have been drastically reduced almost to the point of nonexistence in this country due to standards and water treatment procedures that make water safe for household and recreational use.

Oakland County is unique in that it contributes to the headwaters for five different watersheds and five river tributaries.

Oakland County Health Division provides the following water protection services:

  • Inspect and issue permits for Type II & Type III water wells.
  • Monitor public swimming pools, public bathing and numerous private beaches.


Water Protection Codes

In 1995, the Oakland County Sanitary Code, Article II became effective. The regulation limits septic tank effluent threatening our groundwater resources through density control. The article is based upon scientific data and trends developing in Oakland County.

On February 1, 1998, the Drinking Water Supply Program: Well Protection and Education Code (Article X) became effective. The purpose of this program is to allow for the issuance of permits for new well construction and inspection of private wells, as well as educate the citizens of Oakland County who utilize ground water for drinking.





New Well Permit (Private & Type III - vacant land) $200
Replacement Well Permit (Private & Type III) $183
Augmentation Well $250
Irrigation Well $200
Well Abandonment $0
Additional Wells (at same site/project) $33
Type II Water Supply Permits (Non-Community) $110

GeoThermal Well
($33 for each additional well beyond the 1st well)

Type II Water Supply Plan Review (Non-Community) $200
Type I, II, III Sample Collection (when mandated/delinquent) $63
Re-Inspection (beyond 1st follow-up) $25
Permit Modification Fee (changes to permit after issuance) $90

* Oakland County Health Division now offers on-line services for septic applications, well applications and restaurant license renewals at payable by credit card.  An Enhanced Access Fee will be charged to your account for using this website service.  This fee is for the purpose of maintaining and updating the website and will be displayed prior to checkout.