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Environmental Health Services Land Quality Programs

The proper disposal of solid, liquid and sewage wastes is crucial to prevent contamination to the land and the groundwater below. 

The use of sewers and municipal sewage treatment plants is limited to areas where infrastructure exists. On-site sewage disposal is the only viable alternative in areas not serviced by municipal sewers. Oakland County has over 80,000 onsite sewage disposal systems on residential and commercial properties.

Oakland County Health Division's Environmental Health Services (EHS) protects land resources by offering the following services:


  • Issues permits and conducts construction and final inspections for the installation of residential and non residential on-site sewage disposal systems.
  • Reviews and conducts site evaluations for all of Oakland County's proposed subdivisions and site-condo projects in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources & Environment (MDNRE).
  • Assists in the licensing of septic cleaning trucks by inspecting and make recommendations to MDNRE. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Land Quality 



Effective June 30, 2008, the following fees will apply:

Sanitary Code Appeals Board


Appeals & Other Requests $100
Special Sanitary Code Appeal Board Meeting $300
Sanitary Code Appeal Board Fee for On-Site Inspection $500

Septic Fees


New Residential Septic Permit (vacant land)

Repair Residential Septic Permit (Repair/Replace) $170
Public/Commercial (1-1,999 gallons/day) $360
Public/Commercial (2,000-10,000 gallons/day) $720
Re-inspection Fee (beyond 1st follow-up) $55
Permit Modification Fee
(changes to permit after issuance)
Septic System Engineered Plan Review
(includes 1st review and 1 revision)
Manufacturer Engineered & Alternative System Technology Review (One Time Fee) $360
Residential Engineered & Alternative Systems Operation Annual Review Fee
(Deed Restricted for Continuous Maintenance)

Site & Soil Review Fees


Pre-Preliminary Plat
(Review of Soils, On-Site Sewage Disposal Facilities)
$135 + $25/each 5 acres or fraction thereof
Preliminary Plat
(Review of Soils, On-Site Sewage Disposal Facilities)
$250 + $25 each lot
Plat Review 1-100 Lots $75
Plat Review Over 100 Lots $150



Campground - Permanent Campground Inspection Fees Only (does not include State License Fee)


1 to 25 Sites $50
26 to 50 Sites $50
51 to 75 Sites $50
76 to 100 Sites $50
101 to 500 Sites $50
501+ Sites $50
1001+ Sites $50

Campground - Temporary Campground License & Inspection Fees

1 to 25 Sites $119
26 to 50 Sites $149
51 to 75 Sites $179
76 to 100 Sites $209
101 to 500 Sites $298
501+ Sites $626


Copy Fees

Plotter Fees $138/hour or $11/5 min increments
Groundwater Mapping $138/hour or $11/5 min increments
FOIA $.03 per page + hourly rate


 Oakland County Health Division now offers on-line services for septic applications, well applications and restaurant license renewals at payable by credit card.  An Enhanced Access Fee will be charged to your account for using this website service.  This fee is for the purpose of maintaining and updating the website and will be displayed prior to checkout.