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Environmental Health Services Food Safety Programs

The Food Safety Unit provides a number of services to ensure the proper handling and distribution of food served to the general public.  This includes:

  • Conducting inspections of restaurants, festival food booths, vending machines and mobile food vehicles. 
  • Investigations of food-borne illness complaints and outbreaks 
  • Provide Food Safety Education
    • Food Service Managers' Certification Course (fee charged)
    • Food Handling Safety Class (no fee)



EFFECTIVE January 16, 2012

Food Service License (Fixed, Mobile, STFU)


0-24 Seats $229
25-99 Seats $269
100+ Seats $309
Commissaries $229
STFU (includes $37 State + $5 Edu Fees) $154

Mobile Food Service              Cold Truck/Pushcart

                                             Steam Table Truck  $139
                                             Hot Truck  $161
Fixed Multiple (inspection fee due at time of licensing) $88

Food Service License (Charges/Exemptions)

         Renewal Late Charges

  • Late fees apply for applications received after April 30th
  • Additional late fees for applications received after May 31st

Veteran: With Veteran's License - State Fee waived
OCHD Fees:  Includes State Fee and Education Fee
501(c)(3):  State Fee waived, OCHD and Education  Fee still apply



Certified Food Manager

Class Registration $172
Re-Certification Class $97
Re-Test $60
Book Fee (replacement/lost book - test not included) call for cost

Plan Review - Food Establishment


Partial Plan Review $102
0-24 Seats $132
25-99 Seats $165
100+ Seats $198
STFU $137
Commissaries $200
Mobile Food Establishments $102

Temporary Food Service Establishment

Temporary Food License (2 working days prior to event) $54
Temporary Food License (less than 2 working days prior to event) $64
Temporary Food License (collected in field) $74
Temporary Food - Multiple inspections under one license $47

Vending Machines - Food Service License

Per location $20
Each machine $2

Inspection Fees
Food Re-Inspection Fee $50
STFU Inspection $90

Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck Inspection $22

Food Service Appeal Board

Appeals & Other Requests $100
Special Sanitary Code Appeal Board Meeting $300
Sanitary Code Appeal Board Fee for On-Site Inspection $500

*Oakland County Health Division now offers on-line services for septic applications, well applications and restaurant license renewals at payable by credit card.  An Enhanced Access Fee will be charged to your account for using this website service.  This fee is for the purpose of maintaining and updating the website and will be displayed prior to checkout.

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For more food safety related information, please visit our Additional Food Safety Resources page.