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Environmental Health Information & Publications


Approved Food Service Manager Certification Courses Throughout the state.

Food Establishment Plan Review Worksheets
Guidelines for opening or remodeling a food service establishment.

Michigan Food Law of 2000/Michigan Food Law Fact Sheets This new food law is based on the 1999 U.S. FDA model food code and replaces
the 1978 food law. 

Hazardous Waste

Disposal of Air Conditioners & Refrigerators Guidelines for service professionals.
Hazardous Materials and Household Waste Pamphlets Each of the County's Environmental Health offices offers a variety of educational handouts and pamphlets free of charge to residents.

Mosquito Smarts

Beach Closing Information Information about Oakland County's beach sampling program.

Sanitary Codes
Oakland County Sanitary Codes Articles I - X

Oakland County Sanitary Code/Article X Established to help protect the health and safety of those who rely on individual sources of well water supplies.

Oakland County Sanitary Code/Article II 
Enacted to protect the public health and safety of the residents and future residents who rely on on-site water supplies and on-site wastewater disposal.

Oakland County Sanitary Code/Article III Established to protect the public health by regulating the construction, location, and operation of on-site sewage disposal system.

Oakland County Sanitary Code/Article IV
Safeguard for public health by regulating the operation of food service establishments in Oakland County.


Lead Poisoning in Children Pamphlets Valuable information every parent should know.

Radon Educational Pamphlets  Consumer guides and more to help reduce risk in your home.


Ground & Drinking Water Supplies Reports Detailed information about distributions of arsenic, nitrate and chloride in the groundwater in Oakland County. 

Residential Swimming Pool Water Quality & Safety Information Residents with swimming pools can learn about maintaining water quality and improving safety around their pools.

Swimming Pool Law 2001 Please be aware of new regulations passed in 2001 with regard to the Swimming Pool Law for public facilities.

Public Swimming Pool Information  Useful information regarding public swimming pool health and safety.