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Section 1 of the Oakland County Sanitary Code

Section 1:  Definitions

A. Abandoned Water Well: Means any of the following:

1. A well which has its use permanently discontinued.

2. A well which is in such disrepair that its continued use for the purpose of obtaining groundwater is impractical.

3. A well which has been left uncompleted.

4. A well which is a threat to groundwater resources.

5. A well which is or may be a health or safety hazard.

B. Extensive Changes or Repairs: Include replacing the entire casing, removing a casing from the ground, or changing aquifers.

Minor repairs do not require notification. Minor repairs include:

1. Replacing a telescoped well screen.

2. Changing screen elevation.

3. Deepening or plugging back a bedrock well.

4. Installing a liner pipe.

5. Replacing a pump, controls, pump drop pipe, or pressure tank.

6. Chemical treatment of the well or well disinfection.

C. Person: Means a person as defined in MCL 333.1106 or a governmental entity.

D. Well: Means an opening in the surface of the earth for the purpose of removing fresh water or a test well, recharge well, waste disposal well, or a well used temporarily for dewatering purposes during construction.

E. The terms defined in the Public Health Code, 1978 PA 368, as amended, Article I--Parts 11 and 12, Article 2--Part 24, and Article 12--Parts 121 and 127, and terms defined in the Michigan Administrative Code, R 325.1601 to R 325.1781, have the same meanings when used in these local health regulations.

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