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Frequently Asked Questions About Public Health Nursing

For more information call (or email us) at, 248-858-1406 in the Pontiac Area or Toll-Free at 1-800-848-5533.

How can I make my two year old mind?

Let's look at what parents must deal with in this age group. Toddlers are just learning they can walk, talk, eat and go to the bathroom independently. They are naturally curious about everything. Curiosity is necessary for a child to learn to the best of their ability. Toddlers don't yet understand the meaning of danger. Add to this picture parents who just got used to being totally responsible for a helpless infant. Those parents suddenly find themselves faced with a walking, talking, climbing, curious toddler who has just realized she/he has a mind of their own. That is pretty scary stuff for parents.

The following letter was developed to assist parents with discipline that really works:  DEAR MOM and DAD 

Remember, discipline comes from the word disciple which means "to teach." The purpose of discipline is to teach children to avoid danger and to develop the behaviors needed to get along with others. Parents are first and most powerful teachers a child ever has. Toddlers watch everything a parent does (good and bad). They try to imitate everything you do because they want to be just like you.

My child had food allergies and will start school soon. What kind of information should I give to the school?

It is most important to let the school know as much as possible about the individual health needs of your child. This is particularly true when a child has had an allergic reaction to food or something in the environment. When a child goes to school, the parents and school become partners in supervising the child's safety. Parents are, of course, always the senior partners. You know your child better than anyone.  You will be much more comfortable as you go about your daily activities knowing that the school staff supervising your child educational activities also know how to respond to your child's individual health needs. The fewer reactions your child has to experience the more he/she can focus on school activities.

My doctor told me to take my child to an ear, nose and throat doctor because of all his ear infections. Our insurance doesn't cover that.

Call the health department and ask for the Nurse-On-Call (1-800-848-5533). She will help you locate a specialist and may be able to give you resources to help pay for that first visit.

I'm pregnant and I'm really scared about labor. All I hear are horror stories from my friends.

Contact the Oakland County Health Division Nurse-On-Call hotline at 1-800-848-5533 for information on health and social services to help you have a healthy baby. 

My baby was born two months early. She seems okay, but I just don't know.

Contact Oakland County Early On at 248-209-2084.  Local agencies and school districts are available to assist you in evaluating your child's development and planning for any needed services.