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Frequently Asked Questions About Environmental Health Shelters

What is the Michigan Department of Human Services

In 1996, the Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHS) was established from various departments of Michigan State government, including the Department of Social Services. Oakland County EHS helps protect the public health by providing physical inspections of various institutions that are licensed by MDHS. These include Adult Foster Care Facilities and Child Day Care Centers, as well as Adult Foster Care and Children's Camps. EHS provides these inspections as a courtesy to MDHS and is a licensing requirement for the above-mentioned facilities.

How do I know if the child day care I use is in good standing?

EHS maintains files on all licensed and inspected day care centers in Oakland County. Through the Freedom of Information Act, these files are available for viewing free of charge. Contact the appropriate Oakland County EHS office if you have further questions.

North Oakland: 248-858-1312 South Oakland: 248-424-7190

How can I make my home environmentally safe?

Routinely inspect and clean your furnace, gas water heater, and gas stove. Do not use unvented heaters. Store all chemicals safely, follow labeled use instructions, and store outside of the home. Inspect your roof, basement and plumbing regularly. Replace wet or moldy carpeting. Do not allow smoking in your home. Test your home for Radon.