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Frequently Asked Questions About Land Quality

How do I arrange for a "Perc" soil evaluation test?

Obtain, complete and return an application for a permit to install or repair a sewage disposal system. Include a check for the proper fee. This application can be obtained and returned to either of our two offices located in Pontiac and Southfield.

North Oakland: 248-858-1312
South Oakland: 248-424-7190 

Arrange for a back hoe to dig holes on your property for the soil evaluation. At this time a Sanitarian from the Health Division should be present. Scheduling of the Sanitarian can be done by phone.

What happens after the "Perc" Test?

If everything is proper with the application, and the conditions on the property are acceptable (soils, water table, space), a permit to install a sewage disposal system is issued.

If there are problems with the application or the soils, several things can take place:
  • The application can be placed on hold until the problems are resolved.
  • If the problems can not be resolved, the property would be denied a septic permit.
  • Denial of the application entitles the applicant to appeal the decision to the Oakland County Sanitary Code Appeals Board, with the appropriate request and fee.
  • The appeals board can issue the permit or uphold the denial. If it is denied Circuit Court is the only appeal that can be initiated.

Does my septic system need inspections?

Yes, inspections needed are noted on the permit. If special inspections are not noted, then a final "before covering" inspection is the only one needed.

Where can I locate copies of the septic permit and inspections?

Permits and inspections are kept in our three offices for 18 years. Some local departments may also have copies. Once obtained, these copies should be placed with other important household documents. These copies will help you locate parts of your septic system in the future.

How often does my septic system need to be pumped?

It depends on usage (family size, garbage disposal, laundry, etc.). Generally, a new system should be pumped after two to three years. At that time, it should be evaluated for depth of solids. Pumping frequency could be lengthened or shortened based on this evaluation. The condition of the septic tank outlet elbow should also be evaluated at this time.

Do I need to add anything to my septic tank to get the bacteria started?

No, normal bacteria contained in sewage is sufficient to start the bacterial digestion occurring in the tank. We do not recommend the placement of water softener discharge lines in the septic tank.

Who reviews subdivisions and site condominium developments?

Subdivisions and site condominium (site condo) developments are reviewed by Environmental Health Services before they are approved.  The developments that are on septic systems and private wells are extensively reviewed for the proper soils and protected and adequate water supplies before development occurs.  Office reviews are conducted for those developments using sewer and city water.

Where can I find out information on old dumps and landfills?

The Oakland County Health Division has many files as well as the MDEQ. Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) these files are available for review. Call your local Environmental Health Services office for information on how to obtain this information.

I need to take something to the landfill. Where are they located in Oakland County?

Eagle Valley
600 West Silverbell
Orion Township
Phone: 248-391-0990

Wayne Disposal-Oakland
2350 Brown Road
Auburn Hills
Phone: 248-373-2334

Pontiac City Landfill (Pontiac City residents only)
Collier Road
Phone: 248-857-5701
In addition, a number of landfills are located in the surrounding region:

Genessee County

Citizens Disposal, Inc.
2361 West Grand Blanc Road
Grand Blanc
(US-23 at Grand Blanc Road)
Phone #: (810) 655-4207
Richfield Landfill, Inc.
11145 E. Mount Morris Rd.
Davison, MI 48423
Phone #: (810) 631-2321
Brent Run Landfill
8247 Vienna Rd.
Montrose, MI 48457
Phone #: (810) 639-3077

Washtenaw County

Onyx Arbor Hills Landfill 
10690 Six Mile Road
Northville, MI 48167
Phone #: (248) 349-7230

Wayne County

Sauk Trail Hills
5100 South Lilley Road
Canton, MI 48188
Phone #: (734) 397-2790

Woodland Meadows Recycling & Disposal Facility
5900 Hannan Road
Wayne, MI 48184
Phone #: (734) 326-0993
City of Livonia
32500 Glendale Ave.
Livonia, MI 48150
Phone #: (734) 466-2588
City of Riverview
20863 Grange Rd.
Riverview, MI 48193
Phone #: (734) 281-4263
Edward C Levy Co.
8800 Dix
Detroit, MI 48209
Phone #: (313) 843-7200

Republic Waste Services
36850 Van Born Rd.
Wayne, MI 48184
Phone #: (734) 641-3555