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Frequently Asked Questions About Food Service Management Certification

On November 15, 1999, Article IV of the Oakland County Sanitary Code went into effect. The intent of this Article is to safeguard the health of the public by regulating the operation of food service establishments in Oakland County and requiring successful completion of a Food Service Manager Certification Program by designated food service personnel. If you have more questions about Article IV, please call 248-424-7190.


How will this affect your existing business?

Within five years of the effective date of Article IV, all food service establishments operating in Oakland County are required to have at least one employee/staff member per business site who has successfully completed a Food Service Manager Certification Program, which meets Michigan criteria.

Which training programs are acceptable?

ePrograms offered through Oakland County Health Division, the Michigan Restaurant Association, the Michigan Department of Agriculture, or a Food Service Manager Certification program offered through a Michigan community college, college or university that meets Michigan criteria for Food Service Manager Certification.

How do you get certified?

To register for a Food Service Management Certification course through Oakland County Health Division, call 248-424-7190.

How does this affect new establishments?

Any establishments that open after the effective date of the Article, including change of ownership, must have a Certified Foodservice Manager prior to opening.

What are the requirements if the Certified Foodservice Manager leaves employment?

In this case, the operation is allowed three months (90 days) regain compliance with this code. Any establishment without a Certified Foodservice Manager must immediately notify the Oakland County Health Division.

How will Oakland County verify Manager Certification?

Certificates must be presented to the sanitarian upon inspection.

How are duplicate certificates obtained if lost?

To obtain a duplicate certificate from the Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA), call 517-482-5244 or write to the Michigan Restaurant Association, 225 West Washtenaw, Lansing, Michigan, USA, 48933.

To obtain a duplicate certificate from the National Restaurant Association (NRA), call 800-765-2122.