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Benefits of Quitting Smoking During Pregnancy

For Baby:

  • Increases the amount of oxygen baby will get.
  • Lowers the risk that baby will be born too early.
  • Increases your chances of having a healthy baby.
  • Increases the chances your baby will come home from the hospital with you.

For You:

  • Gives you more energy and helps you breathe easier.
  • Saves you money you can spend on other things.
  • Makes your clothes, hair, and home smell better.
  • Lets you feel good about what you've done for yourself and your baby.

Secondhand Smoke:

  • Secondhand smoke is the smoke breathed out by the smoker.
  • Secondhand smoke has many harmful chemicals which are known to cause cancer.  The chemicals may affect you and your unborn baby.
  • Secondhand smoke can irritate your lungs and may stop oxygen from reaching your placenta, which then reduces baby's oxygen supply.
  • Secondhand smoke can also be harmful to your baby after delivery.  Secondhand smoke puts infants at risk for premature birth, death, allergies, asthma, ear infections, and other illnesses.
  • If people in your home are unable to quit, ask them to go outside while they smoke.


Every day that you don't smoke gives your baby a healthier start on life.

Available Resources:

  • "I Can Quit" Helpline (free quit smoking, coaching hotline) 800.80.QIT (7848).  Provides a personal health coach for up to seven sessions, free Quit Kit and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.
  • Michigan Expectant Mother's Quit Kit (free).  To obtain a kit call 248.424.7128.
  • Oakland County Health Division has public health nurses available to make home visits and assist you with having a healthy pregnancy.  For more information call 248.858.1406 or Toll Free at 800.-848.5533.

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