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Infant Mortality in Oakland County

Oakland County's overall infant mortality rate continues to be lower than statewide averages.

However, there are still reasons for concern. Information shows that babies born to African American mothers are three times more likely to die in the first year of life than those born to Caucasian (white) mothers in Oakland County.  This disparity is most noticeable in the cities of Pontiac and Southfield, where African American infant death rates are the highest. 

Oakland County's Fetal Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) Team reviews all infant death cases that occur in the cities of Pontiac and Southfield. 

Findings about infant mortality are included in the reports below:

Issues that relate to infant mortality
The FIMR team identified five major areas that likely contribute to infant mortality cases in Oakland County.
Reduce infant mortality during life stages

The likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and baby increases through education and access to health services during the following life stages.

  • Before or between pregnancies (Interconception)
  • During pregnancy
  • Birth to one year

Presentations about topics related to infant mortality prevention, including: the benefits of breastfeeding, safe sleep, and baby safety for teens.