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Plan Your Pregnancy

  • Take a mult-vitamin with folic acid daily
  • If you have a medical condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or seizures make sure it is well-controlled and your medications are appropriate for pregnancy
  • Brush your teeth twice daily and floss daily (any infection even a cavity can cause premature labor)
  • See a dentist for a complete dental exam. Dental problems, like gum disease, may cause your baby to be born prematurely.
  • Make sure your immunizations are up to date
  • Avoid exposure to radiation, x-rays, lead, or other possible toxins
  • Manage your stress level, seek support for issues that cause you stress
  • See a doctor early & regularly for prenatal care  
  • Achieve your healthy weight
  • Eat right
  • Exercise
  • Don't smoke, use illegal drugs or drink alcohol
  • Avoid second-hand smoke
  • Ask your doctor before using over-the-counter drugs (cough syrups, Tylenol, etc.)

 Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy and Baby
A Family Guide to Eating Fish
Gestational Diabetes Fact Sheet 
Public Health Nutrition Consultations- Counseling and information related to nutrition concerns

Women, Infants & Children Supplemental Food Program (WIC)- Serves low-income pregnant or breastfeeding women, and infants and children.
Pregnancy Resources

Community Resources

Catholic Social Services
Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency
Department of Human Services Childcare Assistance
Healthy Kids/MIChild
4C - Oakland County Childcare Coordinating Council
Oakland County Youth Assistance Human Resource Directory
HIV/AIDS Prevention, Control and Referral 
Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic 


I am not sure if I installed my baby's car seat right. how do I know if it is safe?

The Child Passenger Safety Program at the Oakland County Health Division provides free, car seat safety checks by appointment.  For information, contact The Child Passenger Safety Program at (248) 858-2061.
Many local police and fire departments also offer free car seat checks - contact your local department for information.

I don't have health insurance and I know prenatal care is important. How can I see a doctor during my pregnancy?

The Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) has health care programs that provide medical health coverage to pregnant women.  There is an income limit for these programs.  You may obtain and complete an application so that DHS can determine your eligibility.  Click this link to apply online or apply at one of the following DHS offices:
30755 Montpelier
Madison Heights, MI  480871
195 Ladd Road
Walled Lake, MI  48390
235 North Saginaw Street
Pontiac, MI  48342
If you don't qualify for Medicaid or other programs through DHS, you may contact Oakland County Nurse-On-Call at 248-858-1406 or call toll free at 1-800-848-5533 ext 85533 to get a list of providers in your area who give medical care at a reduced cost.

I don't eat regular meals because I don't have money for food. Are there resources to help me with food?

Eating right during pregnancy is important for a healthy baby.  If you need help to eat right, you can:
  • Apply for WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Food Program) at 248-858-1272 or 1-888-350-0900 ext. 81272. 
  • Apply for the food assistance program at the Department of Human Services (DHS).
30755 Montpelier
Madison Heights, MI  480871
195 Ladd Road
Walled Lake, MI  48390
235 North Saginaw Street
Pontiac, MI  48342
Call Focus Hope 313-494-4600 for locations in Oakland County. 
  • Call the Expanded Food & Nutrition Program to learn how to cook and stretch your food dollars at 248-858-0897. 
  • If you have no food, call the Oakland County Health Division Nurse-On-Call for a referral to a food pantry. 

My boyfriend sometimes hits me. Is that dangerous for the baby?

Physical abuse tends to increase and become worse during pregnancy.  Physical abuse may lead to miscarriage, low birth weight and early labor.  There is help available to help you. 


Crisis Intervention/

Legal Assistance

Police Emergencies  

HAVEN 24 hour hotline
Common Ground
24-hour Resource &Crisis Helpline
Women's Survival Center
HAVEN 24 hour hotline  

Personal Protection Orders 

Is it safe to get a flu shot during pregnancy?

Flu vaccine is considered safe during pregnancy.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend pregnant women get a flu shot, especially those who will be in their second or third trimester during flu season.
Influenza (flu) during pregnancy can lead to pneumonia and other heart and lung conditions that can result in hospitalization.
You may be able to get a flu shot from your doctor or at Oakland County Health Division.  For more information about influenza or the flu vaccine call 248-858-1406 or toll free at 1-800-848-5533.