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Oakland County Leading Innovation Infographic
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Knowledge-Based Economy
Emerging Sectors: 258 companies have invested $2.6 billion.
Medical Main Street: More than 100,000 individuals working at 4,300 healthcare and life-science businesses.
Automation Alley: Midwest's largest technology business consortium of 1,000 firms across eight counties.
Quality of Life
Art, Culture and Humanities: National Center of Charitable Statistics identifies 485 institutions of art, culture, and humanities in Oakland County.
Income & Education: Oakland County has the highest per-capita income in Michigan. Nearly half of Oakland County's 1.2 million residents have college degrees.
Active Lifestyles: Residents and visitors enjoy active lifestyles with 32 distinct downtowns; 13 county parks; 65 miles of park trails; 76 golf courses; and events such as The Brooksie Way Half Marathon.
Digitally-Advanced County
Most Digitally Advanced: The Centers for Digital Government consistently rank Oakland County, Michigan among the most digitally-advanced in the nation.
G2G Cloud Solutions: Oakland County, Michigan is placing its leading-edge software in the cloud through G2G Cloud Solutions.
CLEMIS: CLEMIS is one of the largest law enforcement information sharing networks in the nation with 200 agencies across five counties.*&
Fiscal Responsibility
Fully Funded Legacy Costs: Oakland COunty, Michigan fully-funded its legacy costs and transitioned employees to defined-benefit plans which saved the county about $350 million.*
Five AAA Cities: Only a handful of cities in Michigan have a AAA bond rating; five of them are in Oakland County.*
*Statistics as of December 31, 2013

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