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Estates, Guardianships, Conservatorships and Trusts: E

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The law known as the "Estates and Protected Individuals Code" that went into effect April 1, 2000. It repealed the previous law governing probate, which was called the "Revised Probate Code." EPIC governs most of the proceedings in probate court. It includes provisions relating to wills and intestacy, the administration and distribution of estates and trusts, and the affairs of those individuals who are under legal incapacity. The legal citation for the entire code is  MCL (Michigan Compiled Laws) 700.1101-8102.  A citation such as MCL 700.2101, refers to Article 2, Part 1 of EPIC; 700.2201 refers to Article 2, Part 2 of EPIC. The entire code can be accessed at 


The property of the decedent or protected individual that exists throughout administration. 


Former name for personal representative.  See Personal Representative. 

Exempt Property

The household furniture, automobiles, furnishings, appliances and personal effects of a decedent that a spouse is entitled to according to certain dollar limits.  (See Disposition of Small Estates for those limits and more information.)