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Guardianship of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Guardianship of an Individual with Developmental Disablity (IDD) establishes a relationship between the guardian and the developmentally disabled ward similar to that of a parent and child, with duties and responsibilities to the ward as determined by the Probate Court.  A prospective Guardian may be nominated by petition (filed with the Probate Court) or may be named in a will.  A guardian may be appointed as partial or plenary   "guardian of the person " and/or "guardian of the estate ".

For complete info, please refer to the following Brochures:

Below are the forms that must be completed to start a guardianship of an individual with developmental disability proceeding in Oakland County Probate Court.  These forms are insertable pdf documents that may be completed in Adobe or may be printed, then completed. 
Some of these forms (primarily those with a form number beginning PEMH)  reside on the Oakland County Probate Court's web site and the file size will be listed.  Other forms (most documents having form numbers beginning with "PC") are linked directly to the form on the State Court Administrative Office web site.

When the required forms are completed, bring them to:
     Oakland County Probate Court
     First Floor-East Wing
     Oakland County Courthouse
     1200 N. Telegraph Road
     Pontiac, MI  48341-0457

Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please arrive by 4:00 for same day processing. Maps & Directions to the Courthouse

Forms to start a guardianship may be mailed to the above address provided they contain all signatures.  There is no filing fee to start a guardianship of an individual with a developmental disability.

Forms to Start a Guardianship of an Individual with Developmental Disability

The  following Petition for Appointment and Report to Accompany are filed to open the guardianship.  They must also be filed at the 5 year expiration date of a "partial guardianship " unless otherwise ordered by the court. Review the Information Sheet and Instructions for assistance in completing.


 If needed,Affidavit and Order Excusing Respondent's Presence (PEMH 1100)

Forms During the Pendency a Guardianship of an Individual with Developmental Disability

The following document is used after an individual has been appointed "guardian of the person " and must be filed each year by the due date listed on the Letters of Guardianship.  This document can be mailed to Probate Court at the address given above.  

 The following documents are used by the individual who has been appointed "guardian of the estate ".  An inventory of the estate must be filed within 56 days of appointment.  Accounts regarding the status of the estate must be filed annually by the due dated listed on the Letters of Guardianship. 

If appointed both as guardian of the person and estate, all of the above forms are required.


Forms to Modify or Terminate a Guardianship of an Individual with Developmental Disability

The following document is used to ask the court's permission to modify or terminate a case. It can be mailed to the address given above and may be set for hearing.

Information for Court Appointed Attorneys