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Frequently Asked Questions: Long Lines at the Probate Counter

Why is the line long?

Generally the line is longer on motion call mornings (Tuesday and Wednesday) because the files lack information or documents required for the hearing (such as proofs of service and GAL reports). The parties must file them at the counter before going into the courtroom. Also the counter staff is generally trying to be as helpful as possible by answering questions and assisting people who are not sure about the court process.


How can I avoid the long line at the counter?

You may want to file your documents on a non-motion day (Monday, Thursday, or Friday). Also, to save time, you may file documents by fax if there is no fee required for the filing. The fax filing line is (248)452-2016. Proofs of Service and GAL reports may be dropped off in the specially designated basket on the counter as well for same-day processing.