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Frequently Asked Questions: About the Account

What's my accounting period?

Generally, your accounting period is noted on the back of your Letters of Authority. The day you are qualified determines the accounting period.


How do I get an Account filed?

If you live in the Tri-County area (Oakland, Macomb or Wayne), you must come into the court, present the account to the staff for processing, and pay a $20 fee. If the account is correct in form and substance it will be filed. The only exception is for accounts from guardians of individuals with a developmental disability. They may be mailed.


Can I send my Account in the mail?

If you live outside the Tri-County area (Oakland, Macomb or Wayne), you are allowed to file an account by mail. You must include a check or money order to cover the filing fee.


Why can't I mail my Account if I live in the Tri-County Area?

Accounts must be filed in person for efficiency. The probate counter staff cannot file an account if it is missing basic information. If important information is omitted, the error can be remedied quickly and without additional cost when the fiduciary files the account in person.