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Focus on the Children is an 8-week educational and skills training program to train parents in Oakland County in post-divorce, high-conflict situations. Run by the Jewish Family Service, the program meets once a week, for 90 minutes at a time. Each session includes learning exercises and opportunities for discussion. Parties must agree to not initiate any litigation for the duration of the program.
Children of participants will attend a separate, one-time session, during the parents session. Parents will receive feedback from this session.
Cost: $125 per person.
The service provider will provide the Court and family counselor with information about program attendance by plaintiff and defendant.

Referral Procedures

Focus on the Children is designed for individuals who experience moderate to severe levels of conflict after divorce. Signs of post-divorce high conflict include:
  • Complete breakdown in communication between the parents;
  • Continual litigation;
  • Verbal threats of harm or kidnapping;
  • Threatening behaviors such as slamming doors or throwing things;
  • Emotional endangerment of children;
  • Ongoing attempts to form a coalition with children against the other parent.
An order for participation may result from a judge's own initiative or a recommendation by a Friend of the Court referee or family counselor.
An "Order of Reference to Family Intervention Program" is completed and signed by the judge. Such orders will be made available at judges' offices and Friend of the Court.
For more information, call Jewish Family Service at 248-737-5055.