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The fastest way to change support is by parents talking with each other and reaching an agreement on the amount of support. Review the following:

  1. Talk to the other parent and see if you can agree on an amount of child support.
  2. You may find it helpful to refer to the  State of Michigan Child Support Formula Manual.
  3. Download and print the Uniform Support Order Form.
  4. Fill in the blanks, checking the "consent" box and indicating the agreed upon amount.  Both parties must sign the form.
  5. Send it to the Friend of the Court, keeping a copy for your records.

If the other party will not agree to a change and it has been at least three years since your last child support order was entered, you may request a review by sending a written request to the Friend of the Court.  If it has been less than three years since your last child support order was entered you may choose to file a Motion to Change Support Order