Probation Department 

The 52-4 District Court Probation Department is responsible for the supervision of offenders placed on probation at sentencing, conducting of pre-sentence investigations/alcohol and probation violation hearings when a violation of a condition of sentence has occurred.  The department uses a variety of programs, both county-operated and privately owned, to guide clients through their probationary period. 

The probation department office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On site Preliminary Breath Tests (PBT) are available for a $5 fee, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.


In addition to the full and part time staff the probation department has been fortunate enough to have a strong volunteer probation counselor program. It was instituted at this court over thirty years ago and there is constant demand by citizens in the community to be a part of it. The counselors volunteer 1-2 days a month, assisting with case management and provide offenders the option of evening appointments.


The department also sponsors an internship program, accepting 1-2 interns from area universities per semester. The internship program is a 300 hour commitment and participants are trained in all aspects of probation work: case management, pre-sentence investigations and report writing, verification of community service and AA, and criminal history interpretation. By the completion of their 300 hours, an intern is qualified to be hired into any probation department.


The department also offers and operates several in-house programs:


Traffic School was developed in 2004 for persons who have committed a traffic offense (non-alcohol related) in Troy or Clawson and are in need of a refresher on rules of the road. It was designed to remind offenders of their responsibility for their actions on the road and how their actions impact not only themselves but others as well. There are several interactive components to the program with several speakers: The Troy Police Department graciously lends the class one of their Traffic Safety officers who speaks on what to do and not do during a traffic stop, debunks police myths such as quotas and profiling, and discuss traffic accident common causes. Another component is given by volunteer insurance agents from both AAA and State Farm, who present on the impact traffic offenses have on car insurance. Another portion of the class deals with road rage and the consequences, both criminal and civil. Lastly, though the offenses in the class are not alcohol related, a local Troy family speaks of the impact on them after a family member killed someone while drinking and driving. The class is held twice monthly with an evening or weekend option.


Holiday PBTs is a program that requires randomly selected offenders to appear for alcohol testing on or around holidays from 7am to 9am. The program was designed to assist in keeping offenders sober during high temptation times, which in turn helps to keep the community safe.


Drug Therapy Court was brought to the 52-4 District Court by Judge Dennis C. Drury in 2001. The program is designed as an intensive supervision program for offenders with serious drug and or alcohol problems and provides close judicial intervention. It is a 2-year program requiring a strong commitment from the offender and the Drug Therapy Court team which includes Judge Drury, a representative from the Troy City Attorneys office, a defense attorney, counselors, supervision case managers and the coordinator.