Admitting Responsibility with an Explanation

You may admit responsibility with an explanation. By doing so, you are admitting responsibility to the charge on the citation, but asking the Magistrate for consideration of special circumstances regarding the violation in determining fines and costs. 

Admitting Responsibility with an Explanation may be done by mail within 14 days of the issuance of the ticket.

By Mail:

Sign the back of the ticket in the "Admit Responsibility with Explanation" section. Mail the signed copy of the ticket along with your written explanation to:

Attention: Traffic Division
52/3 District Court
700 Barclay Circle
Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA, 48307

The Magistrate will review the explanation and determine the amount of fines and costs. The Court will mail you a copy of the determination.

Please Note: When you admit responsibility with an explanation, you are agreeing that you are responsible for the charge on the citation. 

The Magistrate cannot reduce the charge or reduce the amount of points that the Secretary of State will put on your driving record.

If you believe you are not responsible for the charge on the citation, then you should not admit responsibility with explanation. Instead, you may choose to deny responsibility and request an Informal Hearing with the police officer present. 

Further, if you state in your explanation that you are not responsible, the Magistrate will automatically set an Informal Hearing.