52-2 Driver's License & Registration/Plate Fines


Offense Total Fine Points Civil Inf or Misd
Allow Person to Drive in Violation of Vehicle Code (Allow Unlicensed Person to Drive) Call Court 0 PTS Misd
Drove While License Expired/Canceled $215 2 PTS Misd
Drove While Unlicensed or License Not Valid Call Court 2 PTS Misd
Drove Without Corrective Lenses $215 2 PTS Misd
Drove Without Proper License Endors $215 2 PTS Misd
Failed To Change Address -- License $110 0 PTS Civil Infr
Failed to Change Name -- License $110 0 PTS Civil Infr 
Failed to Display Valid License* $215 0 PTS Misd
Graduated License Permit, Violation of $115 2 PTS Civil Infr
Graduated License-Failed to Display Valid $110 0 PTS Civil Infr
Instruction Permit, Violation of $215 2 PTS Misd
License Restrictions,Violation (equipment) Call Court 2 PTS MISD
Mutilated/Defaced License $215 0 PTS MISD
Registration/Plate Violation - Misd $225 0 PTS Misd
Registration/PlateViolation - Civil Infr $125 0 PTS Civil Infr
No Registration on Person* $125 0 PTS Civil Infr
Restricted License, Violation of Call Court 2 PTS Misd

*Fines & costs waived if valid proof is provided to the Court. 

  • Fine amounts are subject to change and do not include any late fees incurred.
  • For Commercial Vehicle violations or others not listed, please contact 52/2 District Court at (248) 625-4880.
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