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Please read both sides of the citation carefully. If you admit responsibility and pay your fines and costs, determine the amount you owe by checking the violations list below. If the offense is not listed below, contact the 48th District Court Traffic Division at 248-647-1141. After you have determined the amount you owe, click on Methods of Payment.

  • Accident: If violation resulted in an accident, add $40 to the total fine.
  • Late Payment: If violation is not paid within 14 days, add $30 to the total fine. 
  • Court Mandatory (CM): Appear in court on the date and time indicated on the ticket. This fine schedule applies to payments made prior to court appearance.
  • Failure to Respond: Failure to respond to the citation may result in a suspension of your driving privileges, an additional $45 added to your fines and costs, a possible bench warrant for your arrest and additional costs.


Offense Total Fine Points
Basic Speed Law, Violation of $125 2 PTS
Careless Driving $170 3 PTS
Child Restraint, Violation of (<4 years)
Child Restraint, Violation of (4-8 yrs)
$  65
Disobey Stop Sign $125 3 PTS
Disobey Traffic Control Device $125 2 PTS
Disobey Traffic Signal $125 3 PTS
Drove Left of Center $125 2 PTS
Drove Without Due Care and Caution $125 2 PTS
Drove Wrong Way on One-Way Street $125 2 PTS
Failed to Signal and/or Observe $125 2 PTS
Failed to Stop for a School Bus $500 3 PTS
Failed to Stop in Assured Clear Distance $165 2 PTS
Failed to Stop/Yield Alley/Private Drive $125 2 PTS
Failed to Yield $125 2 PTS
Failed to Yield to Emergency Vehicle CM 4 PTS
Following to Close-Tailgating $125 2 PTS
Impeding Traffic $160 0 PTS
Improper Backing $130 0 PTS
Improper Lane Use $125 2 PTS
Improper Passing $125 3 PTS
Improper Turn $125 2 PTS
Interfered with Traffic $135 2 PTS
Obstructed Vision or Control $110 2 PTS
Improper Parking $ 60 0 PTS
Parking, Handicapped $105 0 PTS
No County Parks Permit, Illegally Parked $125 0 PTS
Prohibited Turn $125 2 PTS
Seatbelt Violation, Driver $ 65 0 PTS
Seatbelt Violation, Passenger $ 65 0 PTS
Unauthorized or Improper Use of Lights $125 2 PTS
Unnecessary Noise/Squealing Tires $110 0 PTS

Note: This schedule is subject to change.