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To reach the Judicial Staff please call 248-647-1141 and dial the following extensions:

Judge Diane D'Agostini
Research Attorney/Judicial Law Clerk: Candace Shankin (ext. 123),​
Probation Officer: Mary Ellen Davis (ext. 174), 
Criminal Clerk: Renee Vance (ext. 151),
Civil Clerk: Lori Garwood (ext. 189),

Judge Marc Barron
Secretary: Vickie Elliott (ext. 128),​
Judicial Clerk: Vedette Rutan (ext. 127), 
Probation Officer: Yvette Reid (ext. 168),
Criminal Clerk: Debbie Ladd (ext. 164),​
Civil Clerk: Irene Childs (ext. 144),

Judge Kimberly Small
Secretary: Debbie Albano (ext. 121),
Research Attorney/Judicial Law Clerk: Gary Klein (ext. 122),
Probation Officer: Stacie Mastako (ext. 187),
Criminal Clerk: Megan Scholz (ext. 166),
Civil Clerk: Diane Lawrence (ext. 158),​​