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Frequently Asked Questions -- Case Management Office: Case Evaluation

Can I fax my summaries directly to the case evaluator assigned to my case?

No. At least 14 days before the hearing, each party shall file with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Clerk 3 copies of a summary and any supplemental documentation. Any summary, supplement or other document filed after the 14-day deadline will be subject to $150.00 late fee. All documents must be served on all attorneys of record and proof of service must be filed with the ADR Clerk.  Failure to file proof of service subjects the offending attorney to $150.00.

Who do I make my case evaluation checks payable to?

Make case evaluation checks payable to "Oakland County Case Evaluation".

How much is the case evaluation fee?

The case evaluation fee is $75.00, made payable to "Oakland County Case Evaluation".

How much is the late fee for Case Evaluation?

The late fee is $150.00 for filing late summaries. This includes any document filed after the 14 day filing deadline. An additional late fee of $150.00 is charged for late proofs of service.

How do I adjourn case evaluation? Can it be by stipulation and order or by motion?

Per MCR 2.403(G)(2), adjournments may be granted only for good cause. Contact the clerk to the assigned judge for further information.

Do I have to refile my summaries?

Summaries are not kept by the Case Evaluation office and therefore must be refiled at least 14 days prior to the new case evaluation date. A failure to refile a summary may result in a party being show caused and sanctions imposed.

Who are the evaluators assigned to my case?

Contact the Case Evaluation office at 248-858-5828.