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Judges From Drug Treatment Court

Honorable Joan E. Young
Honorable Colleen A. O'Brien 
Felony Drug Court - Adult Treatment Court

The Adult Treatment Court, or ATC, offers the Oakland County Circuit Court a sentencing alternative for non-violent felony offenders with serious substance abuse problems.  This program addresses the underlying substance abuse problems that lead many offenders to engage in criminal behavior. The focus is to intervene in the substance abuse/use and eliminate criminal activity through intense court supervision and utilization of various recovery and counseling services.

Honorable Mary Ellen Brennan
Options:  Family-Focused Juvenile Treatment Court

The Options program is the Circuit Court's family focused juvenile treatment court.  It is a grant-funded drug court that works with youths who are non-violent, repeat offenders with serious substance abuse problems.  Members of the program are provided with close judicial supervision and intensive drug treatment.