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Instructions for Completing Petition for Reclassification of Criminal Assignment Category

The reclassification procedure is used if you want to apply for reclassification.  This form is not to be used if you want to challenge your initial or subsequent categorical placements.

File a Petition for Reclassification in typewritten format (Petition for Reclassification of Criminal Assignment Category  with the Circuit Court Administrator's Office.  The Criminal Assignment Committee will review petitions for reclassification.  The Committee will determine that one of the following four categorical placements is appropriate:

  • Category I Placement Capital offenses with a maximum sentence of life.
  • Category II Placement Major felony offenses with sentences in excess of five years to less than life and negligent homicide.
  • Category III Placement Felony offenses with sentences in excess of two years up to and including five years imprisonment.
  • Category IV Placement Felony/high misdemeanor offenses with sentences up to and including two years imprisonment, except negligent homicide.

When filing a Petition for Reclassification, fully state your reason(s) on the reverse side.  Provide specific details, dates, names, and any other important information relevant to your petition.  You may attach additional page(s) as necessary.

Mail or deliver the completed typewritten form to:

Sixth Judicial Circuit Court
Court Administrator's Office
1200 North Telegraph, Dept. 404
Pontiac, MI 48341-0404
Phone:  248-858-0345