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AIC (Alternative Incarceration Centers) Felony - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions of the Oakland County Community Corrections Division's AIC (Alternative Incarceration Centers) Felony Program:

How long is the AIC program?

The average is 90 days in length and no more than 150 days.


What is the cost?

Each AIC is allowed by contract to charge up to 35% of a person’s gross income if employed.  Otherwise, the cost is deferred to Oakland County Community Corrections Division.


Can I work during my stay?

If the Judge and/or probation officer allows for employment, then yes, employment can continue.  Job search may also be allowed under certain circumstances.


What can I bring to the facility and can I have visitors?

Each individual center has policies regarding visitors and what a resident can bring.  Please contact the appropriate center for their policies. Click here  for AIC contact information.


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