Reasons for Rejection of Online Orders: Vital Records

Birth records are not public information, so the following must happen in order for the records to be shipped. (If records are not shipped a letter will be sent to the customer with a reason.)

  • Applicants must be named on the record. If a parent is requesting a┬ábirth record for his/her child, they must be named on the birth record as the father or mother.
  • If the applicant is trying to get his/her own birth record, the information on his/her parents must be correct.
  • All requests must have a signature and that signature must match the applicants name.
  • All information must match the information on the document: child's name, parents' full names including mother's maiden name, and date of birth. However, leave out any hyphens or apostrophes for names while using the application.
  • A document may not be available for online order due to various reasons. Please contact our office with questions if a document is not available for purchase online.