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Search Sixth Circuit Court Legal Records including cases that have been scanned into the Oakland County Clerk's Office imaging system.  Older records that are not available online may be accessed in person or by mail. Circuit Court cases may be searched by name or case number.

User Guide and Quick Tips


Court Explorer allows you to:

  • view the register of actions (docket entries)
  • view parties and attorneys listed on a case
  • purchase documents to be mailed or emailed back to you

When purchasing documents you may choose to receive your copies by standard mail or by email when providing a valid email address.

Hotmail users have been experiencing difficulty in receiving emailed documents and may need to check their junk folder. 

Please note that all requests for certified documents must be mailed back to the requester and cannot be sent by email. Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard or Discover. 

Copies will be mailed or emailed within two business days of the request.​

Standard Copy Fees:
Regular: $1.00 per page

Certified: $10.00 (per case number) plus $1.00 per page
An Enhanced Access Fee will be added when the order is finalized starting at $2.50